Keith Olbermann’s Dad Passed Away Today

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Good thoughts and prayers to the family.

I really think it is not self-aggrandizement, but bravery, that led KO to share so much of his Dad”s last fight…both he and his dad showed so much courage….

Peace to both.

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Beck continues to step in it.

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Evidently, Beck and O’Reilly are Ok with disabled and poor persons as slaves now….

Addiction, whether to drugs, booze or food, costs the country money.  That’s true. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day Glen, so I give the crazy guy one point….As someone struggling with weight on top of disabilities I got at birth, who now eats healthy but once did not…

If they banned junk food tomorow…

I wouldn’t see it as an attack on my liberties.

I’d be a happy camper.  For me, it’s my fix, and if they made it dissapear I’d be glad, not sad.


It’s the “people on government assistance are slaves,” meme I have trouble with.

If I could not be on SSD right now…If I could be back working for a living…That would make my day too.

The fact that I can’t doesn’t give Glen Beck  the right to call the government or himself my overseer.  How would he like it if his special needs daughter ever needed to avail herself of that system?  Does he want her to be ‘enslaved,’ by the government?  I doubt it.

Glen, let’s use our brain and look at this in a broader sense.

He makes my day and goes off the rails as per usual…

So, all addicts (and that includes you, should you ever relapse, fella) should be shamed out of government help, or medical care in the ER.  Right Glen? Because that’s what you meant.  /sarcasm

This guy is going to have a breakdown at some point.

On national TV.

I want to be there when it happens.

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