Mr. Beck believes

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that his radio for talking to God is better than mine, than yours, than anyone else whose beliefs differ from his, or those who believe the whole notion of God may not be worth a darn.

I really never thought I’d be taking a pro-religion stance on anything, but here the frack goes:

Mr. Beck?  Before you encourage people who’ve already signed up for a belief system to ditch their local pew post haste if  their church works actively with poor and disadvantaged folk, under the idea of social justice…that that’s not a ‘real’ path to living out Christianity…..

[Don’t you wish these people that blow off like this would READ THE BOOK they claim to venerate?  I do.  More and more every day.  I knew there’d be a downside to searching out a church to worship in, and I’ve now found it.  It’s not the church doctrine, although that’s another can of beans,  it’s that I think believers in a certain text, whatever the text might be, should have to read, and attempt to comprehend the whole thing before they start braying about it.  And not just the parts they’re warm and fuzzy with either…even the parts they disagree with.]

The part about caring for ‘the least of these’ being one and the same as worshipping God.

The part about it being tough for rich folk to get to Heaven.

The part that says faith without works is dead.

The scholars that have said that if you identify as Christian, it is the words of Christ, and the rest of the  New Testament New Covenant that is your primary guide for how to live a worthy life.

The Old Testament is illustrative and important surely…

But if you’re a Christian and you throw out the words of Christ and the New Covenant….

Isn’t that a fundamental flaw?

I’m not attacking Beck’s Mormonism, so much as telling those who seek his opinion out to use the words of their defining books, and their religious advisers as their touchstone.  Trust those, and believe in those more than this modern day hybrid of Chicken Little/Elmer Gantry and John Birchers.

I’m pretty confident you don’t find ‘God’ in a personality.

And worshipping personalities only leads to disappointment.

I am remembering fellow Foxoid Brit Hume’s comment about Tiger Woods needing to become a Christian in order to get his life together…I’ve an odd image in my head:

Cartoon…Brit Hume shoving Tiger Woods through the door of a Christian Church that is secure in it’s adherence to social justice, and Beck, just inside the doors frantically shoving Tiger back the other way…

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