My Oscar Note

March 8, 2010 at 4:24 PM (Uncategorized)

First, I’m in the odd position of not having been able to get out to see most of the films, so my ‘rooting’ was via clips, acting, buzz etc.
I expected Inglorious Basterds to win more, even though I’m not a Tarantinista )

The broadcast itself: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were a fun pick and I loved Neil Patrick Harris’ opener.

Mo’Nique for best supporting! I’m a big girl so whenever a fat woman is recognized for her work instead of ridiculed for her size, I’m there.

In Memoriam: Jean Simmons? Oh, I hate when I don’t know these things in advance because she was a favorite…
And Ron Silver is gone? Ron-not-that-much-older-than-me-Silver?

I’ve decided I like the relatively recent innovation of having costars gush over the Best Actor/Actress Nominees. Jeff Bridges was my pick for Best Actor so that worked well.

Sandra Bullock? I’m more interested in what you all think…did she deserve it or not? I think so, but again I’m working on prior work, not having seen the film

And neener neener neener to James Cameron. He’s a brilliant guy, and I have no doubt that Avatar is amazing and wonderful and brilliant work, but he doesn’t need another statue to tell him that. The guy already has an ego the size of all Third World countries combined.

And Trek won? (I must have been too busy with the FF button to catch it.

And Penelope Cruz makes me want to see “Nine,”


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