“Make Them Go Away ” Or, Clint Eastwood was a prophet

February 6, 2010 at 12:52 PM (Uncategorized) ()

For those that don’t know, the top quote is Clint Eastwood’s request of persons with disabilities who were troubling him, quite some while ago.

I think those words are well suited to take a look at the tattered remnants of the healthcare debate:

Note: By “us” below, I don’t just mean persons with disabilities…but the far, far larger group of people diagnosed with /treated for inconveniently expensive illnesses in the next forty years.

The politicians want us to die.

No, really.

The republicans want us to die so they can sleep better at night, knowing that fewer tax dollars are being spent on strangers.

The conservative democrats want us to die so they can move away from healthcare and get reelected.  Because their constituents don’t need or want healthcare… (Some of them do, don’t they?)

Maybe we need a “Conservadem district Opt Out’ provision…

The White House IMO, was naieve about what it will take to fix things, so yes, they can be characterized as being an engine for the solution and part of the problem at the same time.  (My head hurts.  But it’s true.)

But most important of all…The lobbyists want us to die so their masters can make more money.

And given that corporations are now people (who, oddly enough can never get sick and need insurance–or, was that what the bailout was about…hmmm.) they will use their money to further mischaracterize reform…so that it doesn’t happen.

What little can be done:

Pass no pre existing condition, no caps reform in reconcilliation, if those things can be shown to affect the budget.

And lastly, by God:

Attempt to pass the Senate bill as is,  and *force a filibuster.*   Make the party of no stand for the death of your loved one by a preventable cause.  Make them stand for pain and suffering. Make them the allies of bankruptcy.  Make them part of the conspiracy to steal a working body, breath, mobility, strength, employment, peaceful sleep, even sanity itself.

On C – Span, where it will get quoted by (some) media (MSNBC, PBS, Democracy Now I’m looking at you!)

Where it will get Youtubed and go viral.

So, that if you are a casualty of not having insurance and/or access to lifesaving healthcare during the next forty years…

There will be a visual record of who to blame.  Who gave up.  Who let it end.

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