This isn’t my choice (The Stupak – Pitts amendment)

November 9, 2009 at 1:02 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

This isn’t about my religious beliefs, or what I think about abortion.

This isn’t about the fact that the public option would still cover exceptions for rape, incest or imminent death of the mother.

This isn’t about the fact that stand alone riders would be available to cover abortions (if women could afford it…and that one writer called planning for a completely unplanned event ironic.

(that small part of the indignation over this amendment  is flawed.  Cancer’s an unplanned event too.  In those specific cases that a rider is available and affordable, it should be purchased, because *irrespective of religious belief or conscience, * no individual woman could ever be certain of what they will face. But, like healthy people who don’t purchase insurance for unexpected ilness…it’s better if it’s purchased if they have the $$$)
What the outrage *is* about:
This is about discriminating against poorer women.

This is about imposing several things…imposing religion on politics, which were separate, last I looked.

This is about persecuting those who request or perform or *refer* to a procedure presently legal under the law, not just protecting those whose consciences are against performing abortions.

This is about making pregnant women’s illnesses *graver,” until they are physically and mentally at the point of death before they can get an abortion.

This is about removing an exception for any and all fetal abnormalities.  (i.e. “This fetus has no brain.  Your insurance won’t cover an abortion.”)

This is about making employer based plans nervous about carrying such plans and eventually dropping them.

This is about legally putting women back under the thumbs of men.

Griswold is next. I have no doubt.
Health care deformed, not reformed.


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  1. bridgett said,

    Preach it, Sista.

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