So we’re supposed to trust them….

September 26, 2009 at 8:42 PM (Uncategorized)

this is always where I fall off the kumbayah everyone is basically good train….

According to the very worthy organization AA, some alchoholics can make it into recovery and reconstruct their lives to do some good for themselves and the world around them…I’ve seen it succeed in people both partially and long term….

But my experience has led me to believe that one cannot count on or trust an alcoholic or drug addict.  In part because I’m  a food addict.    and in part because I’m clear the addictive personality cannot be erased or put aside.  The focus can shift, shift to a good place. (Excercise, philanthropy, etc.)

But once an addict always an addict. In my family and in the wider world.

And what happens when the focus shifts to a place the addict sincerely believes is a great good (fundamentalist religion for example) but that produces scary dangerous ideas that are out there in the media or political discourse.

Sorry no.  If you did drugs or alcohol and extreme religion was what got you out of it.  Good for you, good for your friends or family that you aren’t drinking or drugging  anymore….

But now, you’re probably addicted to what you believe is God’s will, and that is a dangerous dangerous thing….because you know darn well when you are addicted to something, it’s a little hard to be sensible about it.


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  1. bridgett said,

    People who are prone to go off the deep end will do that. Sometimes it’s on stuff that is socially or physically beneficial, sometimes neutral, and sometimes destructive. I’ve only seen one hardcore junkie ever manage to come to a state of inner calm and what I’d call non-addiction, and he
    wound up a Buddhist monk who makes it a 24/7 calling to be deliberately zen. I think he realized that the only way to stop it was to turn his whole life into a vehicle for mindful recovery.

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