You’ve had time…

September 23, 2009 at 2:34 PM (Uncategorized)

Evidently, health interest lobbyists are asking for a delay of the Baucus bill passage so they can now read all the relevant bills…

Their clients have had time. Time to self-regulate. Self reform…so that these bills wouldn’t need to be read.

By self reform I mean accepting much more affordable premiums, tying them to cost of living + a non usurious amount, tying themselves to a modest increase over Medicare rates, stopping recissions and pre-existing condition denials and higher rates based on gender, as well as limits on out of pocket expense and no lifetime maxes or caps, in order to provide the service that they say they’re built for.

Well, sh!t, lobbyists! Let’s sit down and do a bit of a timeline shall we?

in 1973, Richard Nixon, negotiating with a large closed system, first flirted with the idea of HMO’s, as a way to fix the system.

In the mid to late 80’s traditional plans were narrowed by ‘networks’ of providers who would pay a higher percentage if you went to a certain hospital or doctor than if you just went anyplace at all.

From the rise of the HMO grew capitation, the idea that no matter how many patients a doctor saw, they would be reimbursed a flat fee every month. There were, and are both open and closed HMO’s. Closed means you go to their hospital, their pharmacy, their doctor’s office, or you are SOL.

So called “Open” HMO’s have a doctor and hospital list. Choice is wider, prices are higher, and either doctors are screwed by capitation meaning they left the HMO, or patient’s are over a barrel economically due to fee for service, (doc’s ordering possibly superfluous tests, to cost shift for uncompensated time and care) situations, depending on the type of HMO it is. It was clear by the mid 90’s that HMO’s weren’t working for many docs…and insurance companies didn’t like the profits…they weren’t high enough…

The art of the claim denial has always been with us, here in the States, but in the 80’s and 90’s it became an art form. Had your clients agreed to temper this profit driven egregious practice, we’d be less likely to be wrestling with such bills now.

Big Pharma started advertising…the money rolled in. But they will not negotiate with anyone but those who care for our troops…You Pharma lobbyists know darn well, that cutting a deal isn’t self regulation…Pharma has never offered self regulation, and they never will.

President Clinton tried to pass healthcare reform. If your clients had agreed to self reform and self regulation then, that battle might not have been lost.

Then came PPO’s (Preferred provider) organizations with a return to networks, and dizzying requirements for ‘participating’ and ‘non participating’ subscribers and medical folk. An illusion of the old “go to any doc” type of plan, that in reality would stiff you at least 4k for any serious illness.

Your clients had time to self-reform and self regulate then, which would have meant much less bill reading time for you lobbyists, who then might have to go out and lobby for something else all together.

In November of 2008, ten months ago, in case anyone is counting, we elected a president who promised reform.

You would have been able to put some serious polish on your tarnished image had you offered to self regulate, and self reform, perhaps even taking a meeting or two with then-Senator Kennedy….

While our legislators left DC, not only did you and your clients say nothing about self reform, you have been shockingly obvious about your mission to kill reform.

Could have read most of the bills then, couldn’t you? Even while trying to kill them, you could have taken that time. But you passed.

Your clients have had 36 years to self regulate. Sue me, but I think that’s more than enough damn time.

Whiners. It’s final exam time and you never read the text.


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