Gem from the Baucus Markup (updates through the day)

September 22, 2009 at 8:59 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Maria Cantwell made an excellent case for The Community Choice Act, gave an actual percentage that keeping seniors and persons with disabilitiesi in their homes is 70 % cheaper than placing them in nursing homes. ..overhauling fee for service (which I have concerns about) and the necessity of the public option

Then, “Family Values” Ensign  spoke and said that plans have “a little deductible here and there.”

Cornyn wants Medicaid and Medicare cut…hmmm no big surprise there.

Nelson Rockefeller: due to a snafu with my c-span 3 feed I only heard part of his remarks but they were a sane, sensible fact based review of the benefit of the public option.  Not confrontational yet, which is good.

Pat Robert’s R-KS won’t vote for anything that won’t attract at least 70 votes on the senate floor

He believes that doing nothing is the best idea.  He fears rationing.  States that the number of uninsured American citizens are ‘relatively few.’ States it will fund abortion (WTF?)


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