I am who I am, not who you wish I was.

September 3, 2009 at 12:28 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

Not much to this post except to say that it grates:

That a relation keeps a picture of me when I was eighteen and thin and still on my feet…

and not many others.

I didn’t pick the librarian path I had trained for. (it had to do with the only jobs available at the time being in rural communities, prison libraries etc, places an impaired person couldn’t work, as well as the impending marriage)

I didn’t get to the historian path; life intervened.

I did manage to stay employed and (mostly) self sufficient from 1986 (first as a grad assistant) through to 2004 ( more impairments had shown up) with cubicle call center jobs….

I’ve been in this apartment now for close to nine months without any significant break…

I am who I am.  My limits are what they are.  And I still contribute.

My contribution to the human community is that.

1. I’m still funny.

2. I write.

3. I have this thing about facts.  I’d like people to stick to them, whether it is disability issues or some of the larger scope items I’m interested in, or even arcane TV trivia.

Facts.  F A C T S.

And, I wish people would get over being scared of me, simply because my level of impairment has changed. Or that God forbid, I’m fat.

I am who I am.


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