Turn and Pivot

August 4, 2009 at 4:55 PM (Uncategorized)

Anyone who has ever been evaluated by SS or any physiatrist, or rehab hospital knows that the above movement and motion can be the difference between freedom and warehousing. If you can turn and pivot, you have control over motion, hygenie, even some cooking, and of course dressing…

I can still do it.  But , as my left foot (used to be my good foot) suddenly has tendons that tear rather than move on *both* sides of that leg, not just one, the pain involved in doing that movement is j hideous… ‘forcing’ the brain to rely on the right leg just isn’t happening often….

But how much do I tell them, really?  How much pain do I admit to?  What will be the how much is too much that sees me catheterized and confined someplace far from anyone who gives a ****.

If we don’t say enough, we aren’t ‘disabled’ If we say too much, we’re sent into institutions or SNF”s or rehab hospitals….


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