Opponents want to Limit Healthcare Further -Now!

August 3, 2009 at 10:46 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

That’s the mantra of the opponents of substantive health care reform.  They hate single payer.  You know:



Veterans administration.

But obviously healthcare for the military, the senior, the person with disabilities, the needy and the military is *bad*  Because single payor=bad, right? (Just ask Bill Kristol )

Did all other industries instantly become nationalized when these were put in place?  No.

boo scary “Socialism” did not occur. (How could the Regan Revolution have happened?  Newt’s Congressional “Takeover of 1994?  Those things could *never* have occurred if we practiced “Socialism” as the American right defines it.)

Are these plans for US citizens and their families?  Yes.  Will they pay for undocumented persons?


Are private insurers rationing care?  Yes, by the processes of cherry picking and recission of policies.

Do private insurers bureaucracies presently stand between you and your doctor?  Hell, yes.

And it seems utterly fine with opponents that *lobbyists* not docs, nurses, health advocacy groups with the *patient’s* best interests in mind, that *lobbyists* be the ones with the ultimate power to shape the type of healthcare we get.

And even a public option alongside the current system is set up as the epitome of evils to be feared, so much so that opponents of having good healthcare are bussng people to Democratic supporters town hall meetings to stand up and try to disrupt the meetings by yelling out: “No!” or “Socialism” or some such nonsense.

Why not just save us all the hassle and drivel and say “We don’t want to lose profits, and we don’t want to pay for anyone who is uninsured/under insured.”

Why all the pussyfooting around?

Man up.  Tell the truth.  The truth that you don’t care if the increased illness and death of your fellow citizens is on your heads, as the result of your childish whiny-*** mission to “Limit Healthcare Further, NOW!.”


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