Public Option Part II: Do you wish he was dead?

July 9, 2009 at 6:34 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Dear Congress:

I’ve written about him here.  He’s an early middle age working class guy.  He’s been trying to work off a mountain of debt, but like Sisyphus pushing the rock, he never quite did…He has a wife (also not employed right now) and a dog.  Up until December he had a job.

(Guess that unlike super rich Wall Streeters his employer was not too big to fail.)

Shortly afterward (33 days I think) he was diagnosed with throat cancer.  He was uninsured. Somehow…he got the treatment he needed at a Bigshot Reasearch  Hospital, which parenthetically, was the same hospital that treated me for cancer and saved my life back in 1991.

Because of that, I was brimming with positive when I spoke to him.  They’d saved me, they would save him.

No doubt.

And they did.  He’s recovering now.  I couldn’t be happier.

He got his first bill this week for the twelve weeks of inpatient radiation.


He just looked at it and laughed.  You have to when you get a bill that big.

What the hell else can you do?

And who loses?  He does because a bankruptcy just went through on earlier bills, so this one cannot go on it.

The Bigshot Teaching Hospital also loses because instead of being reimbursed for less than they’d like to be…they get nothing. Nada.  Not a Dime.

If he’d had a Public Option he could have been subsidized under…

the teaching hospital would have gotten *some* reimbursement for his care.

What would the opponents of health care reform have done, I wonder…said, “Make him go away?”

I suppose I should be glad there isn’t a “Futile Care,” law in his state yet…

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