Monday disability/impairment goodlinks

June 29, 2009 at 10:51 AM (Uncategorized)

Debate over private schools and special ed here

I’m of two minds.

Correction: From comment below, I’ve revised apparently the parents were told their son would not have access to special ed services in the public school system

Not only will this not help traffic, but call me paranoid, feels like a way to segregate, or round up PWD’s. It’s their Star of David.

A bit SuperCripish, but the standing chair is cool. (I cling fiercely to the retrograde spelling of the term ‘cool.’)

Accessible higher ed, an international note:

An excellent piece on why cross-disability forums and activism work well:

A fundraiser for our own:
Pride in Pride and a retrospective that makes me wonder about the saying “Disabled Trumps Gay,” plus a wonderful comment in response (one spelling error has been corrected.)

There is a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to tolerance, a lot of talk but not much substance. Real tolerance I think is about accepting and respecting each individual for who they are and for their choices but not necessarily sacrificing who you are.

With the administration backing off of Public Option in Healthcare Reform and the Community Choice Act, It is important, particularly to remind nondisabled advocates of not only why we wait, but where



  1. A.W. said,

    They did try to get the public schools’ help. The school said he was not disabled and would get nothing. Only then did they go and find a private school. bluntly the people spinning the case that way haven’t read the opinion in the Supreme Court (which is available online, btw).

    • imfunny2 said,

      Revised see above

      • imfunny2 said,

        What I’ve seen, and what I’m getting at, is that my perception is that gay people with disabilities [as are straight people with disabilities] are often ‘invisibled’ as regards sexuality (or perceived as asexual) or even not thought of with ‘people first’ value if disabled…

        Preconceptions about the disabled identity seem to hit peoples filters prior to the sexual orientaation preconceptions do….

        Disabled trumps straight too.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Aren’t disabled and gay simultaneous identities? I mean, maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like they are both inherent and omnipresent. There’s no time during the day that a disabled lesbian isn’t both at once. I guess there are social contexts within which being a lesbian is a more defining characteristic — a pride parade, maybe? — or when being disabled is more significant to the task at hand — like shopping for a wheelchair, maybe? — but this is exactly why the pitting of identities in competition against each other (line up and get your goodies in the order that the Man is willing to grant them to you and squabble, by all means, for the crumbs) is never going to work.

    Maybe I’m just not getting something.

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