“…And yer little dog too!”

June 24, 2009 at 6:43 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Conked OutFinally found some hardware to post vids and pix of Lexi the Schnauzer, the owner, I mean dog, of my house. In the full vid she is searching for the evildoers under her dog bed.

I've been Caught



  1. bridgett said,

    Love the pics (and the music on the YouTube)! The ones you sent via email make her look like she has blue eyes — is that so? (Wow, I say.)

    And your apartment — so clean! Have you taught the dog how to vacuum and if so, where can I get one of these magical beasties?

    • imfunny2 said,

      Heh…I dunno if the roommate, the one responsible for the cleaner more accessible living space will like being mistaken for the dog…

      But the roommate is the Good Cop, all affectionate and gooey, and I’m forced into the Bad Cop role

      “Lexi, drop that!”

      “You know better! Sit down this is not your territory!”

      And Lexi listens.

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