Taking a break from the serious for a moment

June 22, 2009 at 11:29 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

“Better than the kid Trick”

The above is a quote from Stephen King’s “Danse Macabre”First he explains the well known practice in regular soap operas of periodically “aging” kid characters into teens so they can hurry up and start having teen angst, and possibly increase ratings.

In a soap that was decidedly not ‘regular,’ “Dark Shadows” as King explained in his book, they went the usual one better.

(Dark Shadows being a soapy melange of gothic/horror stories stolen from books and film (Rebecca, Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Jeckyll Hyde,etc…and possibly it’s worst arc ever, a Lovercraftian knockoff about a brainwashing race called the Leviathans. My personal shorthand for this arc is “The Thing in the Box.” because before it was a baby it was kept in a box.

An adopted baby is clearly an Antichrist thing, future leader of the Leviathans. The kid would periodically morph into something hideous (offscreen, with someone doing heavy breathing offstage, thus saving Dan Curtis Productions a ton on special effects.) and kill non believers.

Two weeks later it was an eight year old, three weeks later a twelve year old, and a bit later a twenty year old ‘man.’

What’s the relevance?

My new dog is also better than the kid trick. A month ago, she was a toddler, now she’s eight, in attitude and boredom with things that previously made her day….Clear as day, she’ll say with body language and attitude, I”m beyond that sort of thing now. Where’s a better play?

Since I’m not a dog person, I’ve never seen this up close and frankly it’s a little spooky to see Lexi growing so fast that there seems to be a visible difference in size from one day to the next.

Better than the kid trick.

In another month, she’ll be twelve or so, in attitude….(We will then get her spayed, so particular adolescent drama doesn’t come her way…)


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