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Remember that word.

Private insurers withdraw coverage for what they say is failure to disclose ilnesses. (Not just cancer, but acne (!)

You know, the big stuff.

They *say* it combats fraud and abuse.

It’s actually a term that was batted around years and years ago.

“Cost Avoidance.”

If a customer was feeling ill, but had not yet been *diagnosed* and *told* they had condition A

*It’s Not Fraud* you M***** ******G A*****es.

What is the natural reaction of many when we may *feel* something is wrong but we’re not sure yet?  Fear of going to the doctor for what we’ll find out?  Check.  or, denial that anything is wrong until symptoms overwhelm us? Also check.

Both of those reactions may be unwise in the long term, but they happen *every day.*

They *do not* rise to the level of fraud.

Not to mention that many times, when something *is* wrong, it isn’t easily diagnosed in its earlier stages, or missed by a less than competent physician.

It took a *very competent* internist a *year* to diagnose my Hodgkins Lymphoma back in 1991, and by the time it was diagnosed, I was just shy of stage 4, the ‘get your affairs in order’ stage.

The system isn’t just broken.  It is actively inimical to sick people.

This also, *does not* rise to the level of fraud.

Between this, high deductibles, and futile care legislation, insurance really isn’t insurance at all.

And, worse yet, as the heath care, “Not any reform if we can help it,” debate goes on, private insurers say they will continue recission as it has been, not even agreeing to limit it to clear and documented cases of fraud.

Here’s some new numbers for the ultimate cost avoidance: Death, due to no insurance.


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