“Activites of Daily Living” or “Doesn’t it feel like a Pie Chart?”

June 13, 2009 at 6:13 PM (Uncategorized)

Capabilities 40% things that Must Get Done 95% Reading a book? Forget it.

People with disabilities adapt to different levels of functioning over time, sometimes almost weekly.

I can’t get ‘here’ (by which I mean the desktop that has the speech recognition software attached to it) as often as I used to, because more and more of my energy has to go into simply moving, and showering and dressing.  Takes up a lot more time.

I’m less connected to the outside, which I hate.

My “good” foot is quickly becoming unuseable because of a kind of ”warping’, torn tendons etc which can happen in CP, but that I didn’t know much about until it began happening to me, but of course one has to deal with the level of impairment one has in each separate *now.*

so, On S’debrouiller.  One manages.


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