June 10, 2009 at 8:01 PM (Uncategorized)

Another friend from the past has rather forcefully indicated they don’t wish to talk with me.

Again, I wish them well.



  1. bridgett said,

    Sad. That hurts when it happens and the possibility of it happening deters me from reaching out to certain people of our mutual acquaintance. I’d rather believe that it’s just some sort of mischance that we’ve fallen out of touch — it’s a foma that makes me happy, as Vonnegut would say.

    I admit that I’ve cut off one person from the Hiram days, an acquaintance who wanted to foist her subsequent freaky personal drama (and you know me, I have a really high tolerance for what others would call freaky and her situation transcended anything that I was personally comfortable with) on me at my workplace and just wouldn’t respect my professional boundaries when I asked her to quit calling me at work. When she called my dean to bend the dean’s ear during the time that I was up for tenure, the shit hit the fan. I also got a little unsettled when she revealed that she’d been stalking me online and that she knew where my kid went to school and stuff. The slightest whiff of intent to mess with my kid gets a person dropped without compunction.

    • imfunny2 said,

      Oh absolutely. That truly scares me on your behalf that someone would feel “researching kids” is ok. Scary, wrong/…any other negative adjective you want to name.

      This person from high school that found *me* I didn’t find them, just decided to drop me. I wonder if somewhere on the net, I have a rep for being a stalker or something….

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