Hair, Clothes, Size and who the **** Cares

June 8, 2009 at 8:22 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Last week I shaved most of my hair off… Not exactly an “I enjoy being a girl” move…but gawd my neck feels cool, and if I can’t get out for a trim every six weeks or so, I won’t end up looking like a sheepdog.

I alternate between business wear  (now used for church stuff)  and jeans and sweats.

So I’m at the “I don’t much care,” stage about my clothing.

Some at church are laughing at my hair.  I can take humor.

But yesterday…my roomate, who is also heavyset was at the store getting snacks — sorbet for me and chips for her….and was *accosted*

“You know you aren’t making the best choices in that,”  “It’s going to kill you.”

The roomate apparently looked at the *stranger discussing her food choices* and said “Shut up!”


Said stranger then continued “I will not!  I work in heathcare and you’re going to cost us millions of dollars!”

All on her own? The entire obesity epidemic brought down by one heavyset woman with a (small) chip bag, and a pint of sorbet?

She came home, fuming and upset, and said, “I almost started smoking again tonight.”

I don’t care what “The Biggest Loser” says.

Shaming fat people causes them to practice *more* hidden eating, take up other bad habits,  in other words, *costs the healthcare system more money.*

And secondly:

Why in the hades did that woman decide that the roomate’s eating habits were her business?  Why? (and for the bloody record, the sorbet was *mine*)

Fat people know the most about nutrition.  We’ve tried everything.  We may not have tried enough for the public’s comfort, but we know exactly the type of protein, carbs, fats, that promote healthy eating.

How would that witch have liked it if I had been there to do an extensive critique of her makeup choices, dress, hair color, shoes, and the contents of *her* cart?

Monday thru Friday I’m presently eating

One serving grilled chicken

A bit of tomato and lettuce

two pieces bread

two 25g protein shakes.

V8 V fusion Lite (at 50 cals a serving fulfills one veggie and fruit serving each.)

a small bit of chicken and spinach in a pita.

If, on Saturday or Sunday, I choose to loosen up a bit, guess whose concern or business that is:

Mine!  If the roomate is doing a similar thing during the week and then eases up on Saturday and Sunday, guess whose business it is:




  1. bridgett said,

    Some people just cannot mind their own business. I got a number of lectures (and a lot of stinkeye) last year about my decision to let Chloe ride in the front seat from time to time.

    • Penny said,

      I’d have told the woman that the chips and sorbet weren’t for eating, they were for a performance art piece. Involving politics, religion, and a lot of nudity. Then offered her tickets to attend. Let her go home feeling unsettled instead!

      • imfunny2 said,

        Ha ha….Penny I wish I’d thought of that…

    • imfunny2 said,

      Knowing her age, I think it was beyond crazy for them to be lecturing you…but as you’ve said some people won’t STFU

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