The silver lining…

June 7, 2009 at 11:26 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

So if you can’t leave home very often due to disability, and are a movie junkie, what role are you forced into ?

Armchair critic.

“The Letter” with Bette Davis was on last night.

I either love her films or hate them and this was a hate one.

(I love “Now Voyager,” “All About Eve,”  and “All This and Heaven Too,”)

I try, and I encourage others to do so, to judge films by their time period…but the colonialism and racism was so heavy in this, that it detracted from enjoying her performance as an actress…

A triangle between a married Western woman, her lover and his Asian wife.

Bette did another “loose woman one step away from psychosis” performance.

She kills her lover, and since the affair appeared to be unknown to the general public, convinces a jury of white men (!) that she killed him in self defense.

Her clueless husband gives new meaning to the word dupe.  She goes home after her aquittal and tells him about her obsessive affair, and her bitter jealousy of  her lovers  wife…

“That native woman!” “With…spangles and…painted face.”

(During the trial, one gets the sense that her lawyer is falling for her too…)

He, for whatever reason, wants to try to forgive her, but hits the bar, and gets drunk and morose.  She leaves him sick of herself and him.

She sees a knife left at her door, and knows that the wife intends to kill her, and leaves the safety of her hotel/villa.  The viewer is led to believe she goes to her death intentionally, and the wronged wife does kill her.

Twisted, depressing, and no fun at all.

Don’t open “The Letter.”


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