Thou Shalt Not Kill

June 2, 2009 at 11:12 PM (Uncategorized)

I debated for a long while about whether I should get in to the weeds on this…but my head wouldn’t let me just drop it. So I’ll exclude comments and just let it roll.

This post isn’t about my feelings about abortion, con or pro.

This post should not be read to assume I would have the temerity to advise anyone con or pro about it.

“Life” as distinct from “existence” has a whole entire arc to it….we can argue about beginnings or endings  and that’s what stirs up this business.

But “Pro Life”as defined by those who privately condone  acts of murdering medical doctors in America currently has *less than nothing* to do with the part of one’s life from beginning, be it conception, birth, or that in between time when sentience begins…. to No Insurance/Fuitile Care/Dr. Kevorkian, and everything to do with, “Save as many Caucasian babies as you can, no matter what the mother may think, and no matter what you have to do to her or her care provider to avoid any pregnancy ever being terminated.  [make sure you *quote* the stats of  *all* abortions to make it scarier, but you know we really only need to kill abortion providers that threaten the Caucasian birth rate.  ]  God has a specific radio, and he’s told us that it’s ok to violate any woman’s right of privacy we choose, if we can manipulate circumstance to produce  the outcome we desire, off the books, outside of the law.

They don’t bother *privately praying* that an individual woman would decline to pursue an abortion. [because *that* anti-abortion position, might begin to make some sense, and also spiritually leave your intent in the hands of God.]

Apparently though [sarcasam to follow] God’s advised these extremists that he doesn’t answer prayers fast enough…that He’s not powerful enough to influence events, so you know that means they’ve got to do more than  protest…they have to do murder.

If it walks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorist, and acts like a terrorist…

Did God just tell these extremists that “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” is off the books for them because they oppose abortion?  I’m pretty confident that it isn’t, and that as an alleged Christian, they’re still  on the hook for any alleged doctor-killing.    Are they listening to the same radio frequency where God ‘tells’ them, not only that the Rapture is coming but that *Their  Particular Denomination will Know the Day And The Hour, and thus be able to kickstart the events in the book of Revelation for themselves?”*

Walking into a house of worship to do murder?




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