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May 29, 2009 at 10:25 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

It always helps in the trenches of living with cancer…to have a goal for still being here, a purpose….I don’t think I’d still be here if I hadn’t had the driven mantra of “I have to get better before he (the late husband) gets worse.”

Well, Senator Edward M. Kennedy certainly believes he’s got something to do…a purpose to accomplish, the goal of real healthcare reform…and his cancer is levels of magnitude more lethal than my Hodgkins Lymphoma ever was….

Here’s his column about healthcare from the Boston Globe…and he notes that a public option would be part of his plan.

The fourth element of his setup is of particular interest, but you really need to read the whole thing….

Fourth, we’ll make it possible for the elderly and disabled to live at home and function independently. Our bill will help them afford to put ramps in their homes, pay someone to check in on them regularly, or any of an array of supports that will enable them to stay in their communities instead of in nursing homes.

And, like any other patient meant to cost the for profit insurers any money…. (I’m going to sound truly evil here, but I’ve spent time in the private insurance maze…)

I’d imagine there’s been some private discussion in some office somewhere…

Of trying to wait the Senator out.

Waiting until his voice on healthcare is only a legacy, and not a living breathing fighting legislator, negotiator, orator and cancer patient.

Will all of you, corporate and legislative, lined up to protect *money*…. will you actually sleep well at night if you’re able to gut this idea into ineffectuality? Will your consciences stay silent if you stall the process all together? Will you, privately, of course….

Express *relief* if heathcare reform is stalled all together past the lifespan of Senator Kennedy?

It makes me sick to think about.

Do the righteous thing….One Time. Lay down your cost/benefit analyses, your cost avoidance strategies, your quota of appeal denials per month.

Just *ucking drop them!

Suck it up, pass healthcare reform, and go to bed….

You can wake up the next day and find a new money hoarding scheme that doesn’t intersect lethally with the well-being of our citizens.

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