And when you *need* your digital camera…

May 17, 2009 at 4:00 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

It dissapears, naturally.

She’s wistful for her first home, and fearful, and deciding to deal with that by napping. Took her all of 3 minutes to decide the second best place for sleeping was the dog bed, so she is ensconced in it right now….and I’m *wishing* for the camera and unable to locate it.



  1. bridgett said,

    How’s life as a dog mama?

    • imfunny2 said,

      That Question falls under “don’t ask”

      It’s obvious we are going to have some serious workarounds done in the afternoon, because I’m unable to walk her.

      She loves my shoelaces. (Can’t retie them)

      She bites toes fingers and stomachs….and basically says “F-U” when you try to move her elsewhere…all paper, cords are up for grabs.

      Intellectually, I realize this is all part of the training process…

      (She gets “Sit” when she’s not gnawing on everything. Distraction can work…but only sometimes.

      Loves to sit under the wheelchair. (So I cannot see her and risk running her over when I move.)

      On waste patrol, I have to (from the chair) scoop, shoo her away, wash hands, wash scoop, spray rug, and then be allowed to move elsewhere, and have trouble with that because she sits on my feet.

      *Did* manage to outfox her about a rug,

      I’ve stayed as calm as humanly possible…but after six to eigh hours of running defense…

      I’m tired and peeved.

  2. bridgett said,

    Schnauzers are very high energy dogs, but I’ve heard that they are also smart, responsive, and trainable. They have a low boredom threshhold, however, so you have to change the activity frequently when training because they’ll space out and seem like they are acting up when really they just want to go on to something else. It’s sort of like a really bright super-charged little kid with ADD.

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