Left to their own devices…

May 12, 2009 at 9:53 PM (Uncategorized)

First I have a language nit to pick with CNN. “Cognitively Impaired” is the better term to use in describing this ‘news story.’

And there’s the other nit, that cable outlets and the internets had this on March 10th…and ABC picked it up, what, more than two months later?

I’m going to use terms that I usually associate with the hardest of hard liners of the religious right.

Moral decline. Or better yet, decay.

It’s getting putrid down in Texas.

Apparently, not amused enough by whatever they did on their time off, up to ten staff members of the Corpus Christi state school have decided to exploit those in their care by encouraging “Fight Club” type fights between their clients.

By using those clients to laugh at and amuse themselves while watching, the same way they might in an illegal cockfight or dogfight.

From the story, this was no isolated incident, but happened quite a bit over time.

Pure inversion of “Just because one *can* do a thing, does not mean that one *should* do a thing.

Where is the filter in those staff’s heads? That last filter that says, “Hey I don’t like my job much. My clients are difficult to deal with sometimes…but I sure as hell am not going to provoke them into staged shoving matches and laugh about it. I’ll go clear brush instead….”

Moral decay. Staff, left to their own devices, exceeded their authority in really questionable ways and *laugh* about it.

They took other human beings and made them fight, for the ‘fun’ of it.

And we will hear them say “It was just a goof.” “No one got hurt.”

That’s not the *point!*

One person doesn’t get to subjugate another person that they are charged to care for.

Cognitively impaired people aren’t less of a person because they need care. (And by God, what they’ve been getting hardly qualifies as *care* does it?)

There are rules for these situations and they were repeatedly broken without a second thought.

It ain’t guarding POW’s or enhanced interrogation, but there is a resonance for me….

Why is it that some of those in authority *when they are left to run things,* become cruel and stupid.

Cruel because of the lengths they go to amuse themselves.

*Stupid* because they figured they could *not just laugh at this the first time,* but take cell pics to laugh at later (maybe at home over a few beers, ‘Hey Honey, look at *this* isn’t it just hilarious?”), and figure that if anyone found them, the person that found them would say, “So, staff are encouraging clients to fight amongst themselves…no big deal….

They were obviously absolutely certain they could continue this so called ‘sport’ undetected.

That. Is. Stupid.

I can’t say, “This just doesn’t happen in the twenty-first century.”

Because, both from life stories of other folk with disabilities who have done time in institutions,

And, from the ongoing revelations of foreign policy/military decision making.

Nothing shocks me any more.



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