Questions Meme

May 5, 2009 at 12:46 PM (Uncategorized)

1. My ex is…elswhere, which is how it ought to be)
2. I should learn to…Meditate.
3. I love…moonlight and mountains.
4. People would say that I am…well past stubborn and on the way to adamant.
5. I don’t understand…Mathematics, eating lima beans, resigning from life while still living,supervisors, diets, and people comfortable without fact based explanations.
6. When I wake up in the morning…Take Meds, Take Shower, Eat Cereal
7. I lost..most things, but they don’t matter.
8. Life is…for learning from.
9. My past taught me…that I have value; that I have limits, and to fight for myself and for my friends.
10. I get annoyed when…others do not make any effort to handle their own chronic conditions, but feel free to lecture me about mine.
11. Parties…Few and Far between, but I’m planning one for the summer of 2011.
12. I wish…I could earn money from being loudmouthed, adamant, coarse, and literate
13. Dogs and cats…I want a dog! But I haven’t got the necessary bucks for its care.
14. My childhood pets…should have stayed away from tmy father…
15. Tomorrow is…gravy.
16. I have a low tolerance for….people who believe they have a super-duper radio to God in their heads that makes them think they can come to me and start any kind of sentence with “God told me to tell you…”
17. If I had a million dollars…beachfront little tiny house in Florida!
18. I’m terrified of…institutionalization due to disability. Loneliness.
19. I’ve come to realize…Tell them now, because they may not listen later.
20. I am listening to…Not much right now.
21. I talk…too much.
22. My best friends…are my lifelines and my sanity check.
23. My first kiss…was pretty marvelous actually…But it all went downhill from there.
24. Love is…Precious, unexpected, brief, cherished.
25. Marriage is…the thing where, if both are working at it, both are better together than they would have been alone.
26. Somewhere, someone is thinking…Will the stars fall? I’d like to see that.
27. I’ll always be…prickly and difficult, but loyal to the ones that matter.
28. The last time I really cried was…last week.
29. My cell phone is…not quite disability friendly. I need a lanyard for it.
30. Before I go to bed…I surf the net.
31. My middle name…is McWherter now. It used to be Ellen. I ditched Ellen. It’s too bland.
32. Right now, I am thinking…crap I forgot ten more questions
33. Today I…cleaned and washed up.
34. Tomorrow I will be…at the doctor’s.
35. I really want to…get to Friday, the Star Trek film’s opening day.
36. The person most likely to re-post this is…Damned if I know
37. The person least likely to re-post this is..Karen, she’s so busy
38. My relationship with my grandparents…was fabulous (maternal)
39. My most treasured possession is…a ring or two
40. My favorite pictures…are the ones the roomate took in the mountains.
41. I sing…second alto…and tenor if necessary…
42. If I was a crayon…I’d be periwinkle
43. Someday I want to travel to…Italy
44. I am wearing…jeans
45. My favorite class….was…hmmm. Choir.
46. My favorite language is…French, then English.
47. It hurts…every damn day.
49. My profile picture is…cartooned for a good reason.
50. I need…to go home.



  1. Attila the Mom said,

    God told me to tell you that he doesn’t understand lima beans either. LOL

    Love your list!

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