This just kills me

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the diary itself is good, a statement that overweight or obese persons are people too, and don’t need shaming….

But in the forest of comments, a commenter felt the great need to shame…

Ive met very few really handicapped overweight people. People who were born with defects.

EVERYONE has a goddamned sob story about how they were beaten or raised wrong, or stress, or blah blah blha

ya know what, So did I, I had all those things, and I also said “my weight and what i put in my body is at the end of the day ONLY MY responsibility”

end of story. no excuses. Im not as skinny as Id like to be, but I sure as hell am not the fat lazy bastard I used to be , who used every facet of my life to excuse why I was fat.

Screw that, you can either DIE or lose weight, that is your choice. I chose life.

For most people who are grossly overweight, here is something you probably dont wanna hear, but im going to say it: IF YOUR HEALTH IS NOT PRIORITY ONE YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF.

your health comes before your children
your health comes before your spouse
your health comes before your career
your health comes before EVERYTHING , because otherwise your ass is dead and there will be no excuses then.

There are ways to fix it, my suggestion is find a good diet, and find a good outdoors hobby that keeps you active

Diet: STOP EATING DAIRY , we dont need it as adults, Cut down your Red Meat consumption, you dont need it as an adult.

Excersize:Find something you can and WANT to do everyday, find something you’d LIVE to do…and then do whatever excersizes help you with it. chase it like its going out of style.

Diet and Excersize are the only things that will ever save you, Dont for one second think some stupid lapband is your free ticket, our bodies were not intended to have our stomachs ARTIFICIALLY SHRUNK because our idiot asses will not stop stuffing food down the hole.

you wonder there’s a huge mortality rate on those things….think about it.

I called them out….

and they asked me to, and I quote. “Excuse” myself from the comment thread…..

Not Generally The Thing To Ask Me.


For the record, I’m all for exercise and a balanced nutritional plate. And any overweight person should admit to any addictive eating that *they * did that helped to get them where they are…

They should admit it to family and physicians and *not be ridiculed by strangers* because where will that send them…well, perhaps…to the refrigerator.

as Harlan Ellison said, “Everyone’s entitled to their own *informed* opinion.”

I’m glad the poor fool is healthy, now, if he could also learn prudent speech, we’d have the makings of a real human on our hands.

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