Self-Advocacy, and a moment of kindness

March 24, 2009 at 3:14 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Going to the dentist.

Going to the (new) shrink.

Going to the gut doctor.  (and calming down the PA, that no, honestly, I have no symptoms of colon cancer…none of the telling stuff.

The symptoms are serious, yes, but no wonky blood cell count, no blood fever, no weight loss that is not planned for….)

Scheduling diagnostic tests…

Requesting proof of income letter.

Going to the primary care physician.

Proving I meet the “cannot perform all activities of daily living unassisted” standard.

Applying for Medicaid.  (such fun)

I did make it to church last weekend without getting gut sick.

[I haven’t made a big deal about the sickness over there…but the speaker/officiant didn’t need to squeeze my shoulder in support on their way to the pulpit the way that they did…or actually hug me (carefully) as I waited for the gimp bus to go back home…but they did.

It made me pretty (privately) emotional, a relative stranger just being nice.

But I digress.

What I meant to say was…This ‘being on disability’ thing is it’s own freakin job!

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