The “Special Olympics” remark

March 20, 2009 at 9:50 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Like a lot of people I watched the Tonight show  last night…

And it looks like even the guy who mentioned the disabled in his campaign speeches has some internal bias/and or learning that he needs to do.  He compared his (relatively low?) bowling score to the Special Olympics.

But, unlike his immediate predecessor, this is the guy that will learn.  He knows it slipped out, and I don’t believe there was any malice involved…

But he’s learning now, like anyone who comes around the disability community with language that holds us up as the BadPeopleToBeComparedAgainst…that this was not, and should never be the right thing to say.

What do we want….a guy that says a wrong thing, and the taped NBC show being honest enough not to edit it out of the tape at the last minute…a guy that knows he was wrong and will not pull this type of metaphor out of his head again..

Or do we want those who go on a network obvious enough to edit clips to suit their agenda, or guys who would, *even* if they said such a thing and were confronted with the *videotaped evidence*…lie about it to your face?

I’ll take a truthful mistake over a culture of deception any day.


  1. bridgett said,

    Yep, not lining up to make excuses for a bonehead remark. He can learn, but it sucks that the job of educating ignorance always falls to those who are experiencing the discrimination.

  2. bridgett said,

    And, as if on cue, he calls personally to apologize, he knows he’s screwed up and he takes steps to make amends.

    I don’t need perfect. I need “willing to get a clue”.

  3. imfunny2 said,

    Intellectual…in other words a person with a brain…

    Suddenly no longer a perjorative term.

    Hey, I’m going to send you a ‘test’ email…just let me know if you got it….


  4. bridgett said,

    Yep, I received it.

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