Paying calls.

March 16, 2009 at 10:11 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

So yesterday I call the family, and those friends I know will call me back by phone….

To see if they still had jobs:

One sister in law will be laid off by May. (I hope she decides to move somewhere warmer)

Potential layoffs and pay cuts face the Las Vegas contingent.

Involuntary furlough days in Columbus Ohio.

And a friend in Loveland hasn’t yet let me know.

An odd (but really good ) piece of news:

Looks like a family member who has been basically reclusive for the last four and a half years now leaves the house twice a week to play bridge at the library…no medical intervention no medicine…

WT  …Efffing F…?!  I mean it’s great but where did the Impulse to Reconnect With The World come from?

Inquiring minds would like to know, but I don’t think an answer will be forthcoming.

I even went so far as to inquire of Deity, but as is so often the case, Deity remains silent on this issue.

And I am so sad about the state of things between myself and my otherwise wonderful family.

We make each other physically ill when the subject of politics is broached.

(I even have some really politically incorrect items, small stuff, that I agree with them about, when I try to set the tone, but it’s not enough.)

It never used to be like that, and I have voted differently than they for at least the last fifteen years.

I just can’t be a cheerleader for the folk that would vote in people that would eviscerate:

Community supports.





Food Stamps


Other Welfare sorts of things.

Simply on principle, if they got the chance.

Not just reform it.  Remove it.

(It must be quite easy  to vote to remove something on principle that you are absolutely certain you yourself will never need.)

Maybe its easier for them to do it since I don’t live in Ohio anymore…

They *care* about me. They help me out… Absolutely they worry for me.  I have no doubt of that.


They haven’t been direct eyewitnesses to my try-fail-try-fail work cycle of the last decade.

Never been present when a roomate had to clean up after I got sick.

Never been present when the mental health necessitated inpatient care all on it’s own…and my mobility was forcibly taken away…

And more and more ‘able bodied’  people:

Are living in tents.

Losing jobs

Never mind.  Just never mind.  I’ll not win that debate with them.



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