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On the ground solutions to daily obstacles…

Back east, I cannot go home, because ‘home’ doesn’t exist anymore; also my family has never been the “multigenerational’ type, that would think of taking someone in…I’ve known that for awhile…I can’t live alone, so I live with someone else.  Not just due to physical limits, but the growing impact of  mental health issues…too much anxiety, depression, when I am not with people.

As an only child, that’s pretty hard for me.

I’d rather live alone and make all my own choices. But *that* choice has really been out of my hands since about 2001.

I’ve ditched relationships because, I’m the truly evil one when ditched, and I don’t need to do that to anyone else, or to myself.

And, as I age, alone means vulnerable.  Physically vulnerable.  If I don’t live with friends or with family, this could happen to me.  (aside regarding the link :  Dave is an amazing writer and activist and continues to kick @ss in real life.  Where’s his superhero outfit 🙂   )

And now, since I know that within the next ten years, I’m going to be on my own (failing health of roomate/unpaid caregiver that they refuse to address, but they are a grownup.)…

And like Donne said, I cannot manage alone, because no one can… I’m reaching out both to the disabled community and other places…

I’m good at pragmatism.  But I hate it.


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