March 4, 2009 at 3:10 PM (Uncategorized)

It’s an adjustment.

I wonder how different the work of Emily Dickenson would have been, had she had the Internet…

I keep thinking of what I used to do in a crisis: reinvent, hit the ground running….

In the past month I’ve missed one medical appointment due to illness (how ironic is that)  left home for 2 medical appointments and one religious observance.

That’s it.

So, until (or unless) these symptoms ameliorate…reinvention will have to wait. On the upside is this…Housebound isn’t what it used to be.  Speech recognition and the net mean you can still have an impact….still connect.

(Example: Was my email one of the ones that meant single payor health care advocate Conyers was finally offered a seat at the Healthcare Summit tomorrow? Maybe.)

I saw a show that irritated the heck out of me today.

An able person, with the opportunity to do what I want most to do in the world (that  would be sing professionally), and *walked away from the mike.*

For anything’s sake,  able people!  Grab your individual brass rings.



  1. hymes said,

    Not housebound here but almost in quarantine until these white blood cells go up. I don’t think I could keep sane without the internet. And I am keepingn Purell in business whenever I do go out and even at home. But now I will stop feeling bad about it because actually I feel well, and well is better than not well every time. I hope you get some relief soon. I really hope you do.

    • imfunny2 said,

      Thanks…I have to see a gastroenterologist tomorow…and set up Really Unpleasant Invasive Testing.


  2. hymes said,

    Yuck. I’m really sorry. If it’s the one where you prep at home and you can afford it or it’s covered, ask for the divided dose drink over the gallon at one time one. I had to prep twice when I was pre-transplant for that one and wouldn’t have if I had the more expensive one the first time. If it’s not that one, please ignore ;).

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