In which I embarrass myself with childish glee (Updated With Video)

March 2, 2009 at 9:45 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Some TrekNerd stuff:

Updated, found the Youtube version…inserting now…

This trailer, for the movie debuting 5/8/09 , I had not seen before…and seems to be the standard one that many have seen….

Until the very end of course. (Hehe )

Description:  A nine year old James T Kirk has appropriated a twentieth century car and is hauling *** with it.  He is pursued by an android/guy in a metal suit who asks his name.  He provides it.

Then we see   Kirk (early to mid twenties?)  Motorcycling though Iowa coming upon a starship building station there, holding a nearly finished Constitution class starship.  We hear Chris Pike in voice over, telling Kirk that he believes that Kirk has always suspected he was meant for something better.

Shift to Vulcan: Sarek in voice over, telling Spock he will always be a child of two worlds with the ability to shape his own destiny…which path will Spock choose. Shots of a child Spock and then a youthful Spock

The trailer moves to  many quick cuts showing the rest of the cast, a starship battle, a quick line by McCoy about space being disease darkness and death,  flying suits, a couple of Kirk/Spock geniuine verbal fights (They clearly don’t start out as friends.)  And a Romulan with some kind of hand to hand combat weapon who says, “The wait is over.”

And a shot of Nimoy’s Spock, very aged, saying “Live Long and Prosper.”

The trailer ends with the sound of original series transporters, and a shot of the uniform logo.



  1. bridgett said,

    You know that the Elf will be all over this.

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