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forcing anybody to like being around people with disabilities….

nobody’s forcing them into your social circle. (although we may show up as live in 3-D as the friend of a friend, and well, there you are….)

I really have trouble understanding the negative outcry over the woman with a disability who is hosting a kid’s show.

Maybe it’s a United Kingdom cultural thing…

In the linked article above, a man complained about being “forced” to discuss disabilities with his child after an episode.

We exist, after all.    Explanations about people different from oneself have always been needed to help those newly arrived on the planet to get their first grip on say, age (“Why does Grandma have white hair?”) gender, (“How come girls are different than boys…” ) … which is always the most fun for a parent…  or race (“I’ve never seen chocolate skin before…”)

So why does this dad feel that discussing disability is inappropriate?

He may be one of the few who admit to open revulsion, and expressing his discomfort that way…but I don’t get that sense…

I really do think there is a silent (and/or) clueless group of people out there who actively wish we didn’t exist and so, this attitude…



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