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My way of running could be done summer  when I was on my feet. I hated the physical therapists’ insistence of the ‘right’ way of walking, left crutch right foot, right crutch left foot.

“Why,” I thought, “why wait for this when my way is so much faster?”

I was much lighter, and had recently come off a summer of swimming my freshman year of college, and the best, most fun way to get across the two block wide spaces was to do a kind of bastard child of downhill and cross country skiing moves, with my feet as the skis and my crutches as the poles.

I had originally discovered this in the 8th grade, during a one year return to gimp school.  A good friend at the time with a similar impairment had figured out a fast move in the gym that I just could not muster….”There’s got to be a faster move,”  ” There’s *got* to be a way to keep up with her.”

She was the athlete in the crowd, and all the boys whistled at her.

And then, all of a sudden I was pushing and swinging around the bases, and no one whistled at *me.*  They, and the instructor advised that they saw this as ‘cheating.’  [WTF?  *She* used her crutches too?!] Well, whenever I get labeled like that, fairly or not, I tend to get a bit…mulish? Uncooperative? Stubborn? So, from that point …

One push off with my arms and then a leap of my body weight in the right  direction, when my feet hit the ground, push again jump, push jump, twist and turn…it was quicker than the other, and I thought, cooler..

That was for the dry pavement, spring, summer, fall.

In winter, I slogged around with the rest, and didn’t risk the flamboyant jumps…..

I miss that running.  I might be able to do it in two years….

But it was cool…



  1. Attila the Mom said,

    Why couldn’t you just go with whatever worked for you? Why was it considered “cheating”?

    That sounds so….well stupid, if you know what I mean. LOL

  2. imfunny2 said,

    The authority figures at the gimp school knew, of course, that those of us who could walk would have a longer time on our feet. Less muscle atrophy over time.
    My method didn’t push the legs to work *at all,* comparatively speaking the arms were the main motivators.

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