California Nightmare…

January 18, 2009 at 9:22 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

It looks like come Feb 1 state disability payments will simply end….along with caregiving services, folks who fix meals and help people with bathing and dressing….and when the first major ilnesses crop up because of this, the silence will be deafening.

The illogic of these kinds of things always strikes me…why is it that those least able to bear the burden of recession and stewardship of funds screwups end up paying the most? (I know, rhetorical question, there’s no real answer…)

Colorado is facing cuts in similar programs, but we have not heard (yet) that as of a certain date, the well will simply run dry.

I have relatives in California….I’m hoping that neither will play politics with this, and that both, from their own sense of what is right, will help out…


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  1. hymes said,

    Virginia is facing these cuts too, a waiting list for any new person who needs home services and an individual evaluation of everyone who receives home services to see if their home care costs more than a nursing home rather than the current aggregate system. If their home care costs more, they will have to go into a nursing home.

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