Whether It’s Fate, The Way Things Are, Consequences

January 16, 2009 at 8:37 AM (Uncategorized)

Karma, physics…

I think that there are ways you can talk about dealing with consequences and ways you can’t…ways that accept certain patterns as objectively observed and ways that are punitive and dangerous methods of ‘tagging’ people with disabilities or chronic illness.

First, some churchgoing people seem to think that the radio with which *they* talk to God entitles them to bust in on your on faith journey and dictate it’s terms and direction…That’s a dangerous way to talk about consequence, and either pathetically misguided or downright scary.

Second, many consequences have nothing to do with one’s belief system and are simply naturally occurring phenomena best left to the more objective observance of study of the soft or hard sciences.  I nod along with the agnostic/atheist in the crowd who uses “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” as a starting frame sometimes to illuminate the consequenses of actions they take.

But here’s one that bothers a ton of people around me, but doesn’t bother me.

I am in the middle of paying the consequences of past addictive/negative choices re my physical health.  It feels like karma to me, and *I’m ok with paying it.*

I’m not guilting, I’m (no longer) peeved at myself.  What’s the point of that?

But accepting consequence of one’s choices is not being beaten down by what some moralistic self righteous gossip has to say, or being seen as some weird modern day martyr, because I also happen to have physical impairment   (That whole gimp-as-saint thing has always weirded me out.  Ewww Eww Ewww.)

And if one has a belief system, I’m not upset by a one on one conversation with one’s higher power that does result in something like:

“You *know* why this is happening, right?”

“Um, yes, well…I do.”

“And, that anything lousy in this life can end up teaching you something, after the fact?”

“Yes, I got that too…”

“So, we’re done here for now…get to doing good things instead, all right?”



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  1. bridgett said,

    Yes. I am roughly 146 days ahead on my eating. (3500 X 75 pounds/1800 calories a day) I am now attempting to take some of those “days” off my butt because I don’t think I need to carry all those slices of French silk pie I ate in grad school around with me like some sort of crazy energy pantry on the hoof.

    I’m ok with that. I ate it. I liked it. I got so heavy that my heart was screwed up and all my joints hurt and I couldn’t sleep laying down and I was having trouble with basic hygiene. It was no fun. It was tiring. I stopped liking it and I had the opportunity to start doing something about it and so I did. I was fine with the doing. I’m fine with the undoing. Life is change.

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