I’m not an educator…nor do I play one on TV

January 16, 2009 at 10:35 AM (Uncategorized)


While I would support limiting the amount of time devoted to inaugural watching by students (It shouldn’t take up the entire schoolday),

and I would accept that if individual parents believe themselves so opposed to President-Elect Obama decide that their kid shouldn’t see his inaugural and write a letter stating, “Johnny does *not* have my permission to watch the Inauguration….” and have an alternative for those kids to do while the rest were watching the inauguration…’

There’s a school district in Seattle that’s asking all parents/guardians to give permission before they will let the kids see any of it…

American kids have to get their parent’s permission before they are allowed to watch a peaceful transfer of power…?!?!?!

Wait. The Inauguration would be happening no matter who won.

Yes, since it was a fact of life for January 20 2009, It should have been on the syllabus at the beginning of the term, with a note that any parent’s with concerns or questions should bring them to the instructors attention well before the event and have their objection in writing much earlier, either to the amount of time devoted or to having them watch altogether…

Just Nuts.


  1. bridgett said,

    And in my kid’s school, this is the announcement we got:

    “On Tuesday, January 20, at 11:45 a.m., all students, faculty and staff will gather together to witness a significant event in American history.

    This is an exciting time for our students. They took a
    great interest in the Presidential campaigns and mock
    elections sponsored by the Government Club. Whether
    or not their candidate won, they worked hard at under-
    standing the issues involved. Now they will witness the
    seating of a new President, Vice President and Cabinet.

    {Parent’s Name,} Advisor to the Government Club, will
    meet with upper elementary students before the Inauguration so
    that they are prepared with a deeper understanding of
    the Inaugural process as the 44th President of the
    United States takes the oath of office.

    Following the ceremony, every student will draw a picture or write their impressions about this important event. WHMS will then create a special bound book to
    be housed in the school’s library.”

    So very different.

    Obama waxed McCain in the Grades 4-6 mock election, 122-4, and by a unanimous vote in the grades 7-8 mock election. Kid’s generation feels very connected
    to this president and his family and it cannot be bad to foster some legitimate
    civic pride for a change.

  2. Penny said,

    The third graders at my daughter’s school (she’s a third grader) are watching the Inauguration–I checked. There was no permission form or notification letter or any such. I’m sure they’d excuse a kid from the viewing if the parents requested, but it’s obviously not an issue they’re anticipating.

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