“I like a brave man…”

January 14, 2009 at 2:30 PM (Uncategorized)

Yeah, it’s a Trek quote…

Ricardo Montalban has passed away…

Some got irritated with his holographic, “Superhero while out of the wheelchair” character in the “Spy Kid’s series….or the ‘lounging by the pool’ casino ads meant to camoflage his impairment…I wish his public persona had had a message of, “Yes, I’m still that ‘man’s man,’ in the chair…”

But I’m sorry, I couldn’t get mad. He was cool to watch in every genre film I saw him in, and also great in the aesthetics department in his early career, and a marvelous voice he put to good use every time he worked.

He enjoyed melodrama, and being over the top…the key word is ‘enjoyed.’ If someone’s having a good time doing what their doing, you can’t help but get a bit less critical and enjoy it for it’s own sake.

I’ll miss his work, and the smile.

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