The most ‘accessible’ inaguration in American History

January 13, 2009 at 12:25 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

First, I’ll list what I do give inagural planners a pass on:

They cannot guarantee enough accessible viewing spaces because there is no way to estimate how many people with disabilities will be attending…

That being said, there is a major difference between ‘You may be turned away because all available accessible viewing spots are full,” and, “We had to stop accomodating at some point and well, I guess you folks will be faced with several large obstacles standing between you and attending this historic event…so your best informed choice may be staying home….separate from the rest.

Word is that security concerns mean that people with impairment or disability who wish to attend the inaguration are being advised that there will be no accessible parking, closed roads and bridges, uneven grassy pavement (At the mall)...while there will be two drop off points for people with disabilities they are far from their designated seating (meaning blocks away)

Other bloggers have brought this up, and my concern is the bigger picture…

If any other minority was facing a similar type of hurdle (limited access with some features or setups actually working against them) there would be an outcry.

I hear *crickets*

One simple and innovative solution to the drop off point issue  mentioned by another blogger, would be to obtain, security sweep and security clear some accessible busses to move people from the original drop off point to the accessible seating….and the answer seems to have been “its hard.”

Of *course* change of any kind is hard.

It’s what you folks campaigned on and what you are striving for.

ADA doesn’t get suspended just because *its hard.”

No one should be encouraged to stay home because ‘it’s hard.”


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