Galling IV: A bit of post-op complaining

January 13, 2009 at 11:01 AM (Uncategorized)

I’ve been stuck more times than a pincushion as far as hospital blood draws or IV fluids go, and my veins are not easy to connect with. and *every single time* I tell practitioners, “No, that vein will blow, don’t use it,” they say, “Oh, but it *looks* so good just let me try”…as if a paper mache bridge had been built across a river to look sturdy and strong, and even if a hiker was *told* it was made of paper mache, they decided to walk across anyway…


Seven.  Seven places, two valid, five just bruised and looking awful when I got up and got dressed this morning, all because they wouldn’t search out new spots that had not yet been tried (the two successful sticks) but tried the old way…because of course they know better than the patient


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  1. hymes said,

    Oh I hate that. I have no veins they can use in my left arm at all due to fistulas, and only a few good veins which I want them to rotate in my right arm and my hands. Most will listen but a few always know better. My sympathies and empathy.

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