Galling Part III

January 12, 2009 at 8:46 AM (Uncategorized)

The good, the bad and the….

Well, you get the idea….

The nurses were great….I only bothered them with the necessities, which meant they had little trouble staying cheerful…But I was on pain meds *once an hour* which meant it had to be fairly strong stuff, and the pain it was masking was big too…

Even when I had *morphine* in the ER, it didn’t make me wacky….just racheted down the pain a bit….

Again, I had no sleep friday, but it was a comfortable night due to the aforementioned pain meds…

And then, my future surgeon showed up in the morning.

Let me preface this by saying, he did his job well and relatively quickly, and he and his team did do a laproscopic procedure.

But as far as inspiring confidence before the fact? Meh, not so much.

“Well, I don’t really want to do it given your increased risk factors, the obesity and the asthma, but with the emesis and the constant pain we should probably do it.”

Eeyore had nuthin on this guy’s tone of voice.

He then went on to detail the general risks in any gall bladder surgery, and left.

I was not confident, so I asked the nurses…”Is he always like this?” and they responded in the affirmative…but gave the word independently that they were sure of his skill.

I usually have my scared emotional meltdown *after* a crisis, but this was so sudden and compact I had it about an hour before I was supposed to go down for surgery….the nurses were very kind about it, but I was angry at myself….In past medical crises the only way for me to be successful at a process was to put my emotions somewhere else for the time being and focus strictly on doctor’s orders…not weep like a two year old in front of the pros….

So I get over my meltdown and get wheeled down to surgery this past Saturday…and while they were waiting for Surgeon Almighty to arrive, much of the team was just gripin and bitchin’ about how they hated the way overtime was handled, and couldn’t they just say we *will* need you rather than we might need you…”

Now one cannot gripe back at these people prior to surgery. Since they are going to have your life in their hands in just a few moments, it doesn’t make any sense to piss them off. So I laid quiet. (no funny drugs had been administered yet)

I thought, “Yes, I know. No one wants to work on a Saturday. No one wants to be dragged away from the slopes or the party or the home on Saturday to do a risky operation that the doctor has qualms about.

But folks? Do you think I want to *risk my job* as I have to do right now and stay home for a week? Did I crave to be in that much pain? Did I really want any of you to see a fat broad laying on the table and have to go in and fix her. Did I want to have someone cutting me open that made it patently obvious he’d rather be anywhere but there?

F*kc NO!”

Thankfully the anesthetist was a calm rational guy and not one of the bitchers. He told me what would happen as far as anesthetic went in order and detail.

I dunno why but I wanted to ask his name.

“Brian,” he said.

And right there I went from being pissed off and anxious to knowing it would be ok.

It was a seamless sensation for me being knocked out and just as quickly waking up….

My perception was I was having trouble breathing, so that was scary for about the first fifteen minutes of recovery, but the recovery nurses kept insisting I was getting enough air… and I kinda swam up out of that feeling and recognized my surroundings….and eventually went up to my room and had…more clear liquids….

So yesterday I came home, and I have to be out for a week.



  1. bridgett said,

    Brian. Heh. That’s cool. I still remember the name of my anesthetist — Christian Ledet. He was great.

    I know that you’re sore as hell and all, but honestly, aren’t you crazy pleased that you will never ever feel that particular pain again?

    I’m glad you got to go home quickly. I had to stay an extra nine days due to an infection that was actually worse than the surgery.

  2. imfunny2 said,

    Yeah, the’ve warned me to check my temp in case there is some post op foolery of an infection and I see my regular doc on thu, and Surgeon Almighty next week jf

    Yes, I’m glad I won’t ever have to feel that pain again…I’m just waiting to see what level my intestines settle into in about a month….

  3. hymes said,

    My older brother who researches everything and had gall bladder surgery a few years before I did told me that a sort of pseudo gall bladder grows over time after it is removed that makes it easier to digest fat. (I may not be remembering the terms correctly). But I would guess your intestines may take a little time to settle down and avoid fat for the next month or more as much as you can to avoid discomfort.

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