Galling… Part I

January 11, 2009 at 11:57 AM (Uncategorized) ()

This one will be an intro/primer to the last 96 hours of my life.  Of necessity, the Medical Model of Disability will rear its ugly head…

So, where should I start…

I’m home now, strapped to an oxgen tank, and a prescription is coming….no, wait, maybe not there…

Well I’m having this surgery, presided over a guy who doesn’t really want to do it…  No, not there either…

Ok, best handle it linearly.

Thursday afternoon I’m sitting in my cube helping persons at work….and I have some mild to moderate abdominal pain…

By Thursday night, ‘mild’ or ‘moderate’ was not something that would apply to the level of pain.  Kept some rice and chicken down. Had not one millisecond of five am experienced the first of many bouts of  emesis.

Friday, I called in and went to my doc….the physician’s assistant whom I know well, had a genteel argument with me about it’s being more than constipation

“You’re pointing directly at your gall bladder.  You need to go to the ER.”

…”Can I treat it for three hours or so *like* its constipation, and then,” yes*, if the pain gets worse or I get a fever, then I’ll go to the ER?”

Then, kindly, “I know how you are…”  “You don’t take my advice most of the time, but you *do* let me know that you’re giving me a hearing…”

“I make the commitment to you,” If this gets worse in the ways we’ve talked about, I will go to the ER.”

So, about four oclock, over the roomate’s objection, because she is tired and doesn’t feel like going anyplace, I wheedle my way to geting a ride to the ER.

I knew I wanted to get checked in before the friday night rush of shootings, woundings, people made less than sane by medications, skiing accdidents, this sort of thing…

First in, ultrasounded by a pleasant, competent ER doc…saw a stone in my gall bladder that would later be regarded with awe for its size by other medical professionals…I was being admitted Friday night, with a high probability of surgery on Saturday…

All I wanted at that point was pain meds quickly.  They obliged while admitting me….

Stopping for now…much more later….



  1. hymes said,

    A surgeon doesn’t want to operate? On a huge gall stone? Now sending you home when you needed to be in the hospital I understand, all about the money, happens all the time, has happened to me recently, but a surgeon not wanting to operate is just weird to me, I thought they all wanted to operate all the time.

  2. hymes said,

    Also, I’m so sorry for the pain you must be in.

  3. bridgett said,

    Been there, done that with the gallbladder thing. Very painful. Are they considering laproscopy? I can vouch that both the “getting the stone out of the duct” procedure and the scope surgery are both a) not a piece of cake and b) better by far (recovery time wise etc) than having your stomach wall cut into. For whatever that’s worth.

    On the up side, you may find that some of your food intolerance gets better post-op. Mine sure did.

  4. hymes said,

    Oh yes, you can definintely eat with less problems post-surgery although my experience is too much fat still causes problems for me. But not pain at least.

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