I said I would cuss less in the New Year…

January 1, 2009 at 3:16 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

….see how long *that* lasted.

I mean WTF? What the effing F? is this stuff…?

Just how in the name of every hell ever imagined, does *anyone* think this is morally sound??? Moral Hazard just became Immoral Gambling…

(for the humorless and clueless this is your Satire wrapped around Truth Alert)

See, I talked to Louie the Loanshark last week…He says that I can have the assistive tech, a surgery requested by my physician, orthotics, physical therapy….

I can have it all, even though I have a high deductible health plan.

He pulled me down the dark alley, sat me down on an old crate, brushed off his thrift store suit and gave me the scoop:

“We’ll be watching all the sick people,” he says.

We’re going to be finding out stuff….”

“What?” I said, thinking about HIPPA and privacy laws and all that…

“Credit Scores,” he said grinning….the lower the score, the more money we can extort….-”

“You mean ‘offer?,’ I said carefully….

“Offer! Offer,! of course!” he said with an odd laugh…” If you have to finance some or all of your medical bills…We’ll do it! For the right interest rate..

Since Experian bought out Search America

They’ll combine with hospitals, to tell them who is likely to be able to pay their out of pocket medical bills and the back alley loansharkin’ will begin.

Of course, people can always, yanno, hold *out* for a little while.” He laughed, and I shuddered…”That’s a win-win….costs them no dough, costs us nuthin’ too.”

“And what,” I said, remembering all the grisly mob movie justice I’d ever seen….”…What if? What if it’s medically necessary and they cannot pay?”

“That’s the beauty of it. I don’t need no thugs. Garnishments, forclosures, denial of jobs because of a low credit score influenced by the high level fiancing we just sent them….bad behavior, stress….and then…,” This time he was the one who shrugged…”Flatline. One less deadbeat to carry. What do ya think health care is…

A *right* or somethin?”


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  1. Attila the Mom said,

    WTF is right! WTF?

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