The dumbest thing…

December 16, 2008 at 11:32 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

In this economy, possibly the dumbest thing any older, female, heavyset,impaired worker can do is…

Call in sick.

They think I have a choice…they think I stayed home because it was ****ing cold yesterday (Hello? Having a garage means rarely having to say you’re frozen.)

My gut has put me in the can’t-leave-the-house stage for two days now…

I was also full of fever last night which is not usual…

If this puts me low on the list…I cannot *help* it.

I’ve actually gotten good enough at this job, that I’d rather go and do it just slightly more than stay at home and blog. My concentration and focus have improved thanks to the summer medication changes…but I may have just signed my walking papers.

Those same meds, yes, are the reason the edge is off my blogging (along with a full schedule), but I figure this is better than some careening emotional nightmare…I’ll stick with the meds.

Fate, the universe, Deity, circumstance…whatever… Even if you cease to eat like clockwork at 4:00 on Sunday afternoon, and have had no large servings of dairy, veggies, citrus, tomato sauce or nuts all weekend, sticking with the foods that don’t bother you…

Random chaos will ensue, and there’s no particular pattern to it. It ensues less *often* but it ensues.

I don’t have control of my ability to achieve the able bodied version of reliability. Period. Life has been telling all of us able or not recently, in various ways that there are more and more things that are out of our control.

I’ve never been good at acceptance of “the way things have to be,” because honestly, half the time that’s nothing but bullsh!t. I always thought that, “No,” there’s a way to push *any* circumstance/task in a different direction to get closer to the outcome *you* want, and further away from the standard response to any roadblock.

Not so. Nope. There are bricks I cannot crack,melt,flamethrow,crush,roll or push out of my own way.

So, you may see me with more time to blog….

To be continued….


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