It begins to get personal

December 6, 2008 at 10:23 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

The recession now makes going to work a sort of wack-a-mole contest and I know it repeats across industries and jobs all over, with the employee-as mole.

“You know why I’m doing better than [a co-worker] about worrying whether I’m next or not?  The single reason?  The *only* reason?”


(beat) “Pharmaceuticals.”

Several accross the job positions spectrum were let go this week, newer, experienced, no bad notes in their file, or some bad notes that meant they would be first chosen, were let go this week.

More is possible…especially since my workplace is tied to the auto industry very closely, I think as closely as a buisiness could be without being a part supplier…

I’ve volunteered to be trained in the company’s core skillset (since what I do for them now is kinda a subsidiary thing) Training for that is next week.

I’ve stocked with ‘poor food’ (ramen, peanut butter, protein powder, tuna cans, oats, rice, ) already.

I know exactly the shift in work/retraining I’ll head towards if the guillotine falls…training as a teacher. (but the gut and the antidepressants *have* to manage themselves, or I’ll not be able to pursue it…sigh)

No hard feelings if it happens either…the company did not have to take me back, but it did, and the larger economic screaming slide downward is not the fault of this one small trying-to-be-prudent-and-proactive company.

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