I haven’t done one in a whle so…[rant mode on]

November 2, 2008 at 12:12 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

When did being *smart* become a bad thing?

It’s true, I suck at sicence, but the stuff that will save the planet, the medical advances that help me keep going, the elegance of sound engineering,  the-career-I-would-have-loved had I been able-bodied, archaeology, the long reach and great guesses of physics…the weird interdependence of natural and man made chemistry and how we’re well on our way to permanently messing that up….

All of this is both intensely interesting and important to know about.

But we’re told, being smart, is by it’s very nature elitist and exclusionary.

Only NOT.

It’s what smart people do with their knowlege and talent that divides the snobs like Peter Singer, who you’d as soon smack as look at (“How *can* somebody so obviously bright be so *&^%ing stupid!?!!), Or Cheney who absolutely saw nothing wrong in using his canniness to build an empire, from the folks who use both the hard and soft sciences to try to get a handle on what is going on around us, sometimes even agenda free.  Non partisan.

Just the facts.

But being smart is wrong, see, since man and dinosaurs walked at the same time, and global warming is the wrath of G-d, and the world *had* to have started just over five thousand of our man made years ago, so forget archaeology and geology and zoology and biology….just forget it because it might call some brands of faith belief into question.

At this juncture, (and yes there’s been a slow shift since 2005-6) I believe in a God.

My belief in God doesn’t make me distrust science in the least.  As a matter of fact, the Grand Canyon, the complexities of the insides of any car, medicines that work, and the incredible number of species of animal…seem to me to cement my belief in God *more,* not less.

Millions of years of geologic evidence do not, for me, threaten my sense that God exists.

Even if I moved away from belief in any God again…Science wouldn’t be the thing that would push me away.

Willful ignorance might, but science wouldn’t.

Science is nobody’s friend or enemy.  It’s just a map, an imperfect one that does have to be revised from time to time (as a fellow blogger reminded me recently when mentioning Greenspans admission that he’d have to reexamine his belief about the way the ‘soft’ science of economics works)…

A map that will definitely be one of the things that helps us (the world) get out of the mess we’re in.

[rant mode off]

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