My Jaw hath dropped, and I dunno where to find it…

October 30, 2008 at 6:17 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

A candidiate for president, during a regular sort of stump speech last night…(The Obama-Clinton rally) showed more political acumen than normal.

When Obama was closing his speech he mentioned a list of groups of people that have, past or present been at odds, and began the list by saying that polarized partisanship, or divisions based on difference didn’t have to last. “It doesn’t have to be:”

Democrat vs Republicans

Liberals vs Conservatives

Young vs Old

Black vs White

Straight vs Gay

and then…

“Disabled vs Non Disabled”

I give him language amnesty. Maybe he’ll be saying “people with disabilities” or writing “PWD’s” by the middle of his first term.

This wasn’t a rally at an Independent Living Center, or a photo-op at a rehab hospital, or a speech by a normally couldn’t-give-a-sh!t politician cornered by an Adapt protest in or near a government building.

This was a candidate speaking at one campaign rally….and he included us, as part of the whole…

It seemed easy, not forced. (I’m hoping he didn’t just see a gimp in the sixth row and have a quick flash of “Oh, I ought to mention this…”)

I was startled, shocked. I’m so used to people with disabilities being taken for granted by the left, and used to jam the Duty to Give Birth idea onto the country by the right….

Maybe, this isn’t an aberration. Maybe he (or someone on his staff) ‘gets’ it.

We’ll see…


  1. Rhea said,

    I think they do get it. And for me hearing ‘straight vs. gay’ was immense. I am so enthusiastic about the ticket.

  2. bridgett said,

    Yes, I do believe that someone (or many someones) get it. They also get (in a limited way) Appalachia.

    Pretty damn cool.

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