October 25, 2008 at 1:02 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Apparently, whether through human error or some other less innocent reason…My mail in ballot was supposed to be mailed to me on October15 2008, and was not sent because:

from the elections website:

The Elections Division was informed on Friday, October 24, that part of one batch of mail ballots that we expected to be mailed to Denver voters on October 15 were not delivered by our ballot printing vendor, Sequoia Voting Systems.

And here, I checked my mail in ballot’s status….

and, unsurprisingly…. Myself and the roomate were in the ‘missing’ part of the batch, those are being mailed October 27th….

And they’re begging those of us with missing to-be-mailed ballots to not do early voting until we’re sure we havent gotten them, in other words by October 28th, since voters here requested 180,000 mail in ballots


After what happened here in 2006, why am I even suprised….

and it appears from Sequoia Voting Systems website and info regarding a lawsuit from the 2004 elections, reliable is not a word one would use to describe them

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