Red Flags in El Paso County

October 12, 2008 at 10:28 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

From The Colorado Independent’s open letter to Governor Ritter

I wouldn’t have thought that El Paso County actually had that many, but, per the letter,

we also have more than 80,000 registered Democrats

Probably concentrated in the area of Old Colorado City, and other towns immediately south or west of the Springs, like Manitou Springs, right at the foot of Pikes Peak…
But the gentleman in charge of the elections there only does 75% of his job. He sends out mail in ballots as required, but is less than specific about the amount of postage needed :

In addition, Balink’s office has sent out more than 120,000 mail-in ballots, but with no warning to voters that the envelope will require 59 cents in postage to be delivered. The envelope merely says “adequate postage necessary,” with no indication to the public that more than a typical stamp is needed.

If voters in El Paso County do not choose mail in, they can vote early at only three locations. The malls at the northern and central part of the suburbs, and downtown. (Early voting or voting registrations near college campuses were either limited or scurbbed altogether.
To be fair to the county…the access to the three early voting locations is nowhere near as limited as it used to be for low income people or non drivers…the public transportation system is available many more hours and days than ten years ago, and connects to all three early voting locations mentioned above from Manitou and the south end of town.)

Denver, and it’s neighboring counties have many more early voting locations….

And, the voting machines in El Paso County ?

They’re the Diebold brand. You know, the kind that became famous…in Ohio, when the company CEO promised he could “deliver” the election to George W. Bush.

…the key to maximizing turnout (which may be Diebolded into being irrelevant, but we’ll see) … is a real effort to publicize the early voting and ways to get to the polls on Election Day that don’t involve a car, and a movement to get those to the polls that would be unaware of or unable to indepentently exersize their rigt to vote…

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