Effect of Pain as Myth…

October 11, 2008 at 10:17 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I’m not talking about being blown up in combat, or conditions that land you in the hospital…

I’m not talking about cancer, cause I’ve been there and you can no more ‘manage’ that away than you can fly.

I’ve got raging arthritis and tendonitis, that are there all the time and made worse by the cold weather. (and the fact that when I start eating correctly the transisitonal period actually ratchets up my perception of pain by about thirty percent. (Carbs and sugars as anesthetic?   Of Course.)

But there are things about the present month or so of my life I like….as the pain continues as a permanent fixture.  I can ‘manage’ much of it away as long as I stay on my medications, work doesn’t go bananas, and I have regular time outside the apartment.

There’s been plenty of blog-whining I’ve done when physical or mental impairment gets in my way…but there are plenty of times when it does not.

I’m cooking, and handling cleanup and laundry more…rereading some beloved books that I ‘rescued’ from oblivion before I left the old place.  Picking apart various theologies once a week in a class.  (I’ve vowed to say not-a-word in the next class, ‘Cause I’m peeving people out when I talk too much.)

So what’s the point to this blather (Kee-Rist! Can she ever get to the point?!)

It’s a problem with the able’s perceptiton.  The only ‘good’ days are not just the pain-free days.

There is plenty of good times one can fit in amidst pain.  Not ‘mental anguish’  Actual physical pain.

The able can’t guess that ‘good  times’ aren’t only ‘comfortable times,’ although those are great.

Good times can transcend difficulty, and if the able ever got that, they’d get over the ‘better off dead’ nonsense.

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